This is a summary of what I have made since the second half of 2020.


CSVX is an extension of CSV format. This extension allows you to use CSV as a spreadsheet. This is available as a library written in Rust.

GitHub repo


I have also published a web app using this library. The implementation uses Next.js and WebAssembly.

GitHub repo

Self-made Processor (RISC-V Based)

I designed a RISC-V(RV32IM) based CPU. This prototype runs on DE0-CV board at 50 MHz1.

  • 6-stage instruction pipeline
  • Out-of-order execution
  • Simple 6-stage speculative execution
  • 2-way superscalar

GitHub repo

Countdown Bot

Countdown bots for the next regular exam.

GitHub repo

RSS Generator

RSS feed for AtCoder Contests. There were some for other sites, but they are currently stopped.

GitHub repo


Something to make Spotify Playlists of songs broadcast on the radio.

GitHub repo

Search result filter

A filter for Adblock Plus & uBlock Origin that excludes unnecessary web pages from search results.

GitHub repo

  1. Calculations show that it works up to around 63Mhz. ↩︎